A New Era of Healthcare Cybersecurity

Healthcare organizations and their patients are increasingly being targeted with callous and catastrophic cyber attacks.   

Cybersecurity veteran, Russell Teague, shares his perspectives on: 

  • What the “new era” of healthcare cybersecurity looks like, and why it’s evolving 
  • Critical factors that are making healthcare organizations “easy targets” for cyber criminals 
  • Consequences hospitals and their leadership are facing when a cyber attack occurs

About the presenter​

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Russell Teague

Fortified Health Security
VP of Advisory Services and Threat Operations
Russell is a senior business leader with 25+ years of progressive experience in Information Security and the cybersecurity industry covering Healthcare, Pharma, Life Science, Financial, Retail, Technology, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, and Utility sectors. Mr. Teague has held roles as Chief Security Officer (CSO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and has a history of successful entrepreneurship and executive leadership in Cybersecurity.