Hot off the press: the 2023 Horizon Report

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In case you missed our press release or the media coverage around it, this week we released the Fortified Health Security 2023 Horizon Report. There are a lot of cybersecurity reports released by many cybersecurity companies, but the Horizon Report is specifically designed around, and for, the healthcare industry and health systems.

What’s in the Horizon Report

In this edition of the Horizon Report, learn whether cybercriminals favor healthcare organizations over targets in other industries such as banking or retail. Or if you’re interested in how many healthcare records were stolen last year compared to the year before, we’ve got you covered. Just about every healthcare and cybersecurity statistic you need to make a case for stronger cybersecurity at your organization is in the report, and much more.

For instance, while the report covers generic data about the number of breaches and stolen records, it also digs deeply into some of the recent, devastating attacks on three healthcare systems that netted the criminals more than $4.6 million. And while those incidents are terrible and the impacts on patient care are unconscionable, they provided an opportunity to better understand how cybercriminals continue to evolve their tactics. Teachable moments like this give everyone involved in healthcare cybersecurity a leg up so that we’re all better prepared. We share those lessons in the report, along with additional tips from the experts who run our security operations center (SOC).

Business Associates – the silent threat

This year we’ve highlighted the risk associated with third-party vendors and business associates. More than half of the healthcare respondents in a recent survey[i] indicated they’d been breached, but even more disturbing is that 70% percent of the breaches were the result of giving business associates and external vendors access to healthcare systems. It’s an unfortunate lesson in 360-degree cybersecurity.

No one wants to be part of the 70% when it comes to cybersecurity incidents, so we invite you to download a copy of the Horizon Report for yourself and pass along the link to a friend in need. You can gain insight into the topics discussed above, and you’ll also get the latest information regarding government subsidies and grants for cybersecurity programs, our “Cybersecurity outlook for 2023,” and a bit of fun we call, “Were we right?” that looks back at last year’s predictions and sees how close we were.

Once you’ve read through it, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line and share your thoughts, or even set up some time with someone from our team to discuss how Fortified can help you better protect your organization from cybercriminals.  

Download the report here

Cover of 2023 State of Cybersecurity Report, the Horizon Report by Fortified Health Security

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