Do Your Part #BeCyberSmart: A Look at Fort Healthcare

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This October, led by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA), Fortified Health Security is proud to support Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Through our multifaceted approach, we are committed to remaining proactive by providing the healthcare industry with unique purpose-built strategies, services, and tools that strengthen the healthcare landscape and protect sensitive patient data.

During the first week of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we will be celebrating the theme ‘Be Cyber Smart’ by exploring the fundamentals of cybersecurity which includes user education, patching, identity and asset management, and monitoring systems in an effort to lower risk.  To kick things off we’ll take a closer look at our client Fort HealthCare and how this Southern Wisconsin-based integrated hospital and health system took the right steps to ‘Be Cyber Smart.’

Fort HealthCare Takes Action
Fort HealthCare was in search of a security partner that would assist in the development and execution of a comprehensive cybersecurity program within a reasonable budget. Specifically, the organization was looking for a company to assist in building out the fundamentals of a solid security program that would guide the tactical actions they would need with respect to patch management.  Fortified Health Security answered that call by developing a comprehensive Virtual Information Security Program (VISP) in partnership with Fort HealthCare, which allowed Fort to assess vulnerabilities and formulate plans for remediation. As a result, while many healthcare providers worked 24- hour shifts trying to resolve vulnerabilities in the wake of WannaCry, Fort saw no major incidents and patient care was not impacted.

Do your part. #BeCyberSmart
Just like Fort HealthCare, we must all do our part this October to stress the importance of enhancing cybersecurity measures to protect our own cyberspaces. To learn how Fort HealthCare executed the cybersecurity fundamentals and mitigated risk of cyber attack, read the complete case study, here.