Fort HealthCare benefits from Fortified’s cybersecurity program support

Fort Healthcare experiences a greater than 50% reduction in critical and high vulnerabilities by collaborating with Fortified, and successfully defends against WannaCry. Read the case study.

Fort Healthcare, an integrated hospital and health system in Southeastern Wisconsin, was in search of a security partner that would assist in the development and execution of a comprehensive cybersecurity program within a reasonable budget.

For close to two years, Fort’s IT department had been leveraging Fortified’s Vulnerability Threat Management (VTM) solution to get regular monitoring and remediation insights. The VTM managed service was one component of the comprehensive Virtual Information Security Program (VISP) Fortified developed in partnership with Fort, which gave the organization’s leaders confidence to know they are being watched over and informed by a team of cybersecurity experts.  Within six months of engaging Fortified, Fort experienced a greater than 50% reduction in critical and high vulnerabilities.

This collaboration all came to benefit Fort on May 12, 2017, the day that WannaCry – the largest ransomware cyberattack in history – occurred.

Read the full case study here.

“Fortified gives us confidence to know we adhere to the latest cybersecurity best practices,? says Jamie Smith, Manager – Technology Systems, Fort Healthcare. “Their proactive insights over knowledge and resources we may not have on our own, while also keeping us focused on the most pressing needs. They’re on top of their game.”