Fortified Health Security: How We Help Clients Leverage Rather than Tolerate Technology

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As a leading Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), Fortified Health Security develops and implements full-scale security information and event management (SIEM) and network security solutions that protect both facility and patient intelligence. However, at Fortified Health Security, maintaining the highest levels of cybersecurity framework standards and best practices isn’t enough. Our approach does more than just work to prevent cyber attacks and data breaches. A Fortified Health Security solution helps our clients transition from merely “tolerating technology” to leveraging big-picture business intelligence that elevates both internal operations performance as well as increases satisfaction levels across the entire patient care continuum.

Beyond providing full-scale cybersecurity integrity on both a facility-wide and inter-facility scale, Fortified Health Security also offers clients the following:

How We Use Technology to Our Clients’ Benefit

Big Data Business Intelligence And Analytics

The relevance and urgency of big data capture in healthcare cannot be overstated. From information on connected medical devices in a hospital room to a medical facility’s internal database across thousands of organization locations, accurate, real-time business intelligence is the very heartbeat of a healthcare corporation’s day-to-day effectiveness. By harnessing centralized, secure information, healthcare facilities can zero in on each patient’s specific medical condition and personalized health profiles to improve care delivery and ultimately have a deeper understanding of their patient community.

Full Data Integration

Fortified Health Security is committed to eliminating data silos throughout our partners’ organizations to uphold the most stringent cybersecurity standards. We systematically integrate data and business intelligence as relevant throughout entire facilities. As a result, administrators and clinicians can leverage information across multiple care environments to enhance system-wide functionality.

Minimized Risk

Virtually every service and solution offered by Fortified Health Security equips healthcare facilities of every size and scope to tap into the power of secure data to reduce organizational risk. Beyond delivering full transparency across every data exchange channel, our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) provides several mission-critical tools to help healthcare organizations identify, analyze, and address potential system risks, all while maintaining compliance with HIPAA mandates and other industry regulations.

Ongoing Threat Assessment

At Fortified Health Security, we recognize that full-scale network security requires constant, proactive system monitoring. Our SIEM services provide continuous, real-time visibility into any potential network threats to formulate a prompt, effective response before a breach or cybersecurity event. From monthly, standardized scans to proprietary visualizations, our Vulnerability Threat Management solutions help our clients wield state-of-the-art technology to fortify system weaknesses and repair configuration issues, to impede global hacker efforts.

Optimized User Experience (UX) And Process Improvement

Healthcare facilities are notoriously fraught with administrative obligations (i.e. paperwork). Manual data capture is riddled with inconsistencies and error. Additionally, several key factors such as the rise of chronic disease and general population growth have contributed to a surge in patient care needs, often leaving clinicians with even less bandwidth to manually track and log relevant details. Securing the internal network and automating critical functionality elevates overall user experience, improves workflow protocol, and drives user efficiencies.

Seamless Future Deployments

To consistently elevate patient care delivery, healthcare leaders must continually make meaningful upgrades to their existing technology platforms. Implementing a Fortified Health Security managed service delivers long-term, sustainable network security throughout our partners’ facilities that streamlines future system improvements for seamless, full-system integration. This results in minimized downtime and reduces facility risk during deployment.

Fortified Health Security helps healthcare organizations utilize technology to drive care excellence and minimize facility-wide risk. Want to hear more? Contact the Fortified team today.