Fortified Health Security: How We Onboard Clients for Lasting IT Security Success

Client and company shaking hands

At Fortified Health Security, we understand that the first 90 days of engagement with a new client plays a pivotal role in the overall success of our partnership. Make no mistake: as cybersecurity specialists, we prioritize every project phase. We make it our mission to boost data loss prevention and cybersecurity initiatives throughout our clients’ IT infrastructure. However, we recognize that proper onboarding fosters positive communication between both client and provider, instantly creating the foundation needed to strengthen our professional partnership, support a sound cybersecurity framework, and drive future collaborative opportunities.

Most importantly, our thorough, efficient client onboarding practices ensure our partners know exactly what to expect throughout our engagement. It’s no secret that healthcare facilities across the world are often the victims of cyber warfare and must remain vigilant when protecting their systems and their patients’ private information. Fortified Health Security makes communication and education a primary focus throughout onboarding to keep our clients prepared, informed, and one step ahead of would-be hackers and potential attacks.    

Five Steps In A Successful Onboarding Process

What can you expect when onboarding with Fortified Health Security to help your facility minimize data breach threats and cyber attacks? Our team of seasoned professional will carefully walk you through the process for a seamless integration into our managed services program. Fortified Health Security’s onboarding protocol includes:

Initial Consultation

This first meeting establishes a baseline for all collaborative efforts and sets the tone for all subsequent reviews and consultations. You’ll meet with the relevant Fortified players to discuss the project scope and our comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services, as well as your overall corporate goals, objectives, and vision.

Technology Assessment & Evaluation

The Fortified Health Security team carefully and thoroughly assesses your existing technology platforms. Once we fully understand your current operating systems and digital processes (i.e. where you are), our cybersecurity professionals will develop a detailed, customized strategy to reinforce and replace technology as needed for cybersecurity vigilance across your entire organization (i.e. where you want to be).

Detailed Project Map

Fortified Health Security creates agile, iterative solutions that protect your healthcare infrastructure from cyber attacks and data breaches on a global scale. We carefully create a comprehensive project map that outlines every iteration and assigns individual tasks to team members and stakeholders to make sure everyone understands specific responsibilities. Additionally, with every implementation and upgrade, we’ll also develop a complete training program for all personnel to give your internal resources the tools they’ll need for long-term success with your organization’s new technology suite.

Define Project Metrics

At Fortified Health Security, it’s not enough to outline what we’re going to do; we believe that it’s also vital to measure the results of every function we perform. We work with our clients to define specific project metrics across all efforts and track mission-critical factors in real-time. Logging, tracking, and analyzing project data provide invaluable insight to help our team make prompt program adjustments as needed for optimal integration momentum and overall return on investment.

Implementation & Documentation

Once we’ve assessed, outlined, and defined everything needed to manage project expectations on every level, it’s officially time to launch your project. The Fortified Health Security team will systematically work through the agreed-upon strategies of your customized solution, documenting every step of the process as we increase standardization of company-wide cybersecurity efforts and results. Want to hear more about Fortified Health Security’s effective and efficient client onboarding protocol? Contact our team of cybersecurity specialists today!