Healthcare IT: Can You Accurately Assess Your Healthcare Tech Needs In-House?

Woman working on healthcare cybersecurity on a laptop

The technology needs of any healthcare organization are constantly changing, forcing administrators to continuously reevaluate whether current systems fully support both patient and process needs. There are a myriad of reasons for this. For some healthcare organizations, it’s simply a matter of updating obsolete programs to a more advanced and robust option. However, outdated technology isn’t the only reason medical facilities choose to revamp their platforms. Shifts in the economy, new treatments, corporate expansion, legislation changes, and even patient preferences can all play a role in driving extensive technology changes across medical service delivery.

Another major contributor to implementing company-wide technology shifts? Network security. The ever-present, ever-evolving threat of a cyber attack often has hospital and healthcare officials scrambling to stay one step ahead of hackers on a global scale. As data breaches and cybersecurity risks become more complex, healthcare organizations find themselves endlessly adding new technology layers to fortify data loss prevention efforts and keep their systems (and their patient information) safe.

Three Reasons To Entrust An MSSP With Your Healthcare IT Assessment

Once the need for new innovation is identified, many healthcare facilities attempt to assess potential new systems and platform upgrades using in-house personnel. Unfortunately, these organizations often realize that managing an initiative of this scale can overwhelm thinly stretched internal resources, particularly for larger organizations. When tasked with a pending assessment and infrastructure adjustment, many healthcare companies partner with an MSSP to manage the entire project, from initial evaluation through to integration and ongoing system management.

Does working with a qualified MSSP make sense for your upcoming IT assessment? Understanding some of the most significant advantages to outsourcing this initiative can help you determine if it’s the right choice for your healthcare organization. Entrusting a third party professional with your technology assessment offers:

Reduced Overall Project Spending

Many large healthcare organizations don’t realize that outsourcing their technology assessment and implementation needs can actually provide significant savings in both capital and operating expenditures. Working with a third party provider means you won’t have to purchase new equipment or absorb hiring expenses (including salary, benefits, and training costs) to get your project off the ground. Your chosen provider will already have the necessary equipment and professional resources to efficiently launch your initiative for expedited final results that can directly impact your bottom line. Most importantly, you’ll be charged an agreed upon rate to ensure you only pay for the scope of the campaign.

Access To A Full Team Of Subject-Matter Specialists

As with most healthcare organizations, the IT team serves in a support capacity, which means staffing is often done on an as-needed basis. When launching your healthcare facility’s IT assessment, you may quickly realize that, while your team is proficient at managing current roles and responsibilities, they simply don’t have the expertise (or time) needed to coordinate a thorough technology evaluation. An MSSP offers a complete team of fully trained, knowledgeable, and experienced IT professionals who are subject-matter specialists in both cutting-edge technologies and the very latest cybersecurity threats, to create a strategic solution that increases overall cybersecurity and optimizes data loss prevention efforts.

Agile Solutions That Minimize Risk

It’s no secret that technology implementations and upgrades are expensive. One wrong decision can quickly prove costly at any medical facility. Working with an MSSP can help your healthcare organization successfully navigate through an assessment without making expensive mistakes, instantly minimizing your risk. Most importantly, managing your technology evaluation internally may mean that you’ve effectively developed a solution that resolves any existing cybersecurity compromises. However, your finalized approach may not provide long-term, sustainable data loss prevention and secure emails throughout your organization. A professional outsourced cybersecurity firm recognizes the importance of big picture agility. Your chosen team will develop an agile solution that can be modified as needed to keep up with the highly sophisticated and constantly changing terrain of cybersecurity threats.   Fortified Health Security conducts thorough IT assessments for healthcare organizations of every size and scope, and across every specialty. Contact us today to hear more.