PAUSE TO CONSIDER: Connected Medical Devices

Fortified Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Connected medical device security platforms can often provide more value than just security insights. To ensure you’re receiving all the value from your connected medical device security platform, pause to consider:

Questions to Answer About Managing Connected Medical Devices

Are you leveraging visibility provided by your connected medical technology to aid in other initiatives?

Identifying and protecting medical devices may not be the only use case for medical device and internet of things [IoT] tools. We recommend using this new and enhanced visibility to aid in other initiatives, such as network segmentation projects or identifying medical devices that have active recalls on them.

Are you using the data from your medical device security tools proactively?

Security professionals are well aware of the dangers that arise when devices utilize insecure protocols. Consider using your medical device and internet of things [IoT] security technology to identify devices that are utilizing insecure protocols and applications.

Can your connected medical security technology provide value to other teams?

Medical device and internet of things [IoT] security solutions on the market today have the ability to track device utilization, adding value for IT and Clinical Engineering teams by identifying inefficiencies. For example, do you really need another infusion pump if only 30% are operating at a given time? Insights like this can save your organization money by preventing unnecessary capital purchases.

Will clinical teams need to learn a new platform?

Integrations between medical device and internet of things [IoT] technologies and traditional asset management solutions allow bi-directional communication between the two technologies. This enables your clinical teams to continue using their preferred asset management solution while benefiting from enriched information about each device.

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