PAUSE TO CONSIDER: Data Loss Prevention

Fortified Health Security PAUSE TO CONSIDER

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technologies often require a significant time commitment, both for deployment as well as for overall system management. Don’t risk costly missteps and wasted resources when assessing potential DLP solutions for your organization. As you evaluate DLP technologies, pause to consider:

How will DLP policy violations be handled?

Unfortunately, internal DLP violations happen, making it essential to have a sound plan in place for repeat offenders. Consistent training and reinforcement of best practices can help employee understanding of their security roles and responsibilities, the company’s acceptable use policy, and the extraneous conditions that may cause the company to be sanctioned for failing to protect ePHI and PII.

Does a complete solution or limited feature work best?

DLP products come in many forms. It’s great that email security tools have DLP functionality; however, these applications only protect a single technology environment. Over-estimating DLP features with limited reach may create a false sense of compliance and security. A thorough, robust DLP solution will protect both data at rest and in motion as well as provide visibility into where sensitive data lives.

Who is making the decisions on DLP policies?

DLP impacts all areas of the organization; it’s crucial to avoid making decisions in silos. Encourage collaboration between stakeholders and outline proper oversight protocol throughout the decision-making process. 

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