PAUSE TO CONSIDER: Evaluating Technologies

Fortified Health Security PAUSE TO CONSIDER

We often get so focused on individual tools, technologies, or processes that we don’t step back to evaluate the risk to the organization as a whole. Pause to consider these general questions to see if you’ve accounted for risk in your security program:

Are you managing the risk of your connected medical devices?

Medical devices are connecting to networks at an ever-increasing rate and unfortunately, many of these devices lack adequate modern security controls. In addition to IT security risks, medical devices also have the ability to impact patient care by possibly causing patient harm if compromised. Managing the security of connected medical devices with new purpose-built tools is fast becoming a necessity

What role does “testing” play in validating your implemented security controls and processes?

Having security controls and processes is critical, but it is only one piece of the whole. It is as important to test and validate that the controls are working as expected, as well as determine that processes are being followed. Validation drives confidence in your security program and helps reveal any blind spots security updates you might have missed.

Are you monitoring your security tools 24/7?

Protecting your environment from attackers is not an 8/5 endeavor, as threats and attacks are happening around the clock. If 24/7 monitoring is not a part of your security operations program, you may be reacting to an attack long after it has been completed and the damage has already been done.

Fortified Health Security helps healthcare organizations utilize technology to minimize organization-wide risk. Want to hear more? Contact Fortified Health Security today.

Fortified Health Security is committed to strengthening the security posture of healthcare organizations.  In the spirit of Cybersecurity Awareness month, we will be posting daily information for you to consider when maintaining your organization’s cybersecurity program.