Fortified Cybersecurity Awareness Month

How often is remote access evaluated and monitored? In today’s environment, the majority of the healthcare workforce does not need remote access. However, a large segment of remote-access users retains access that they no longer use or need. Unused, open-access accounts need to be disabled. Pause to consider:

When was the last time remote access necessity was evaluated?

The progression of technology allows users to access email and personal files from any device anywhere with Microsoft Office365. This capability eliminates the need for remote access for the common user. Removing this access reduces your points of vulnerability.

Do you monitor remote access utilization? 

The utilization logs should be monitored to validate utilization. If remote access is not used for 120 days, it should be disabled.

Have you considered multifactor authentication for added security? 

The availability offered by digitally connected environments does not come without risks. Using any device on any network allows more opportunity for credential harvesting. Using multifactor authentication will mitigate that risk

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Fortified Health Security is committed to strengthening the security posture of healthcare organizations.  In the spirit of Cybersecurity Awareness month, we will be posting daily information for you to consider when maintaining your organization’s cybersecurity program.