Pause To Consider: Staffing Issues

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Having trouble finding, recruiting, and retaining the right level of cybersecurity talent to support your organization adequately? You can find comfort in the fact that you are not alone, as this challenge is impacting healthcare organizations across the country. Unfortunately, that comfort doesn’t fix your problem; but thinking differently might. Pause to consider:

What can be done now to help make sure your current cybersecurity staff stays?

Fighting the human capital challenge in cybersecurity is a battle that many of us face. Filling vacant roles has proven to be difficult as healthcare organizations compete against other industries for talent. The easiest way to overcome these issues is to avoid them altogether. Your first priority should be to focus on retaining the staff that you have by creating the right culture. A positive, robust culture enables each person to pursue and develop their individual cybersecurity goals while executing interesting, meaningful tasks to best secure your organization. Aligning their goals with your goals will help create a win-win situation.  

Are you recruiting the right level of talent for what you need to accomplish?

In the competition for cybersecurity talent, it is important that you clearly articulate what you would like a potential new hire to do. Make sure you can articulate what a day would look like for a potential candidate, the tools they would use, and the functions they would complete. Additionally, you should be able to describe the cybersecurity culture on your team and throughout your organization. Painting this vision for candidates can increase your success rate when trying to find the right talent.

What elements of your cybersecurity program should be staffed internally, and when should you engage a partner?

Every solid cybersecurity program includes certain fundamental elements that must be executed routinely to protect patient information adequately. Examples include log monitoring, vulnerability scanning, patching, etc. Often, these tasks get overlooked as internal resources focus on other projects or more exciting initiatives, leaving an organization vulnerable. Given the current structure of your team, it may make sense to support efforts internally while engaging a partner to cover some of the more fundamental, but essential, tasks. 

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