PAUSE TO CONSIDER: Workforce Targets

Fortified Health Security PAUSE TO CONSIDER

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is highly susceptible to cyber-attacks. However, most executives don’t realize that many attacks are directed at what’s arguably an organization’s weakest link: its workforce. Workforce members and their user accounts are generally targeted via phishing attempts or brute force attacks. Pause to consider:

How confident are you that your workforce members are using strong passwords and not reusing passwords between business and personal use?

A recent study indicates that over 70% of users have common passwords between personal and business-related accounts. Password strength should be automatically enforced and prohibit the use of dictionary words, commonly used weak passwords, and published compromised passwords. Multi-factor authentication is one of the strongest solutions to defend against automated cyberattacks and should be considered to strengthen your security program and protect resources and data.

Would your workforce members consistently recognize and report phishing emails?

A top security awareness training and simulated phishing platform has identified that more than 90% of successful hacks and data breaches begin with phishing scams. Throughout the course of routine business activities, users may encounter a wide variety of attacks: spear phishing, email/spam, vishing (voice phishing), malware attached to an email, and many others.

How strong is your Security Awareness and Training program?

Awareness and Training programs need to be thoroughly developed and unique to your organization and workforce. Your program should include components such as a wide variety of awareness topics, instructions for reporting suspicious activity, user accountability, material targeted to your workforce that is based on their job responsibilities, and processes to monitor and test user compliance and awareness.

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