Through the Fire: Brockton Hospital's Journey from Crisis to Recovery

Hosted by Nick Szymanski, VP & CIO Signature Health and Jason Stewart Manager, vCISO & VISP Fortified Health Security


The Brockton Hospital Fire is a stark reminder of the devastating consequences that can result from unanticipated disasters.

Join Nick Szymanski, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Signature Healthcare, and Jason Stewart, Manager of VISP & VISO at Fortified Health Security, as they delve into the harrowing events of the Brockton Hospital Fire.

They’ll share:

  • How they approached diverting patients and their response protocols
  • Their road to recovery – from continuity of care to getting systems back online
  • The lessons learned around incident response and disaster recovery

About the speakers

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Nick Szymanski
Signature Health

In April 2020, Nicholas Szymanski joined Signature Healthcare as VP / CIO. Prior to joining, Nick was the CIO of Richmond University Medical Center in Staten Island. He is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University with a BS in Network Engineering and completed his M.B.A. at Wager College. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling, cooking, boating, and drone photography.

Jason Stewart
Manager, VISP & vCISO
Fortified Health Security

Jason serves as a Manager and Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) at Fortified Health Security. With 25 years in cybersecurity, IT, and information security, his experience spans from healthcare and technology to manufacturing. His extensive expertise includes advisory and managed services, strategic governance, threat and incident management, risk assessment, educational strategy development, and board-level consultation. Throughout his career, Jason has held pivotal leadership roles, including Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Information Officer, Program Director, and Director of Operations.