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Trust is earned. Learn why hospitals and health systems partner with Fortified Health Security.

Cybersecurity Consultant

Reducing Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities Case Study

Cybersecurity staffing and knowledge gaps made it difficult for a leading community hospital to develop and execute a vulnerability management plan. Since partnering with Fortified, their high, exploitable vulnerabilities have decreased by nearly 32%. 

 “Being able to show our progress to our leadership team and board, and explain exactly how we’re driving our cyber program forward, has been invaluable. Before partnering with Fortified, we didn’t have the visibility into where our vulnerabilities were because we didn’t have the staff to run those scans. Now that we do, I sleep a lot better at night.” 

Information Security Officer
Community Health System

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Cybersecurity Staffing Challenges Case Study

A community hospital faced multiple challenges when it came to finding qualified cybersecurity experts and addressing their security needs. Since partnering with Fortified, the hospital has been able to strengthen their cybersecurity posture, reduce their vendor threat risk, and run their cybersecurity program more efficiently and cost-effectively.  

Partnering with Fortified and our incredible vCISO has given me peace of mind. We’re not only doing the right things to protect our hospital and our patients, but we’re also building confidence and trust in the process.” 

Chief Information Officer
Non-Profit Community Hospital

OrthoNebraska Hospital

Faced with gaps in incident response and security operations, as well as needing well-rounded healthcare cybersecurity expertise, OrthoNebraska Hospital partnered with Fortified Health Security to help safeguard their organization, patients, and community. 

“The time and cost savings, improved efficiencies, and the confidence gained from better protecting our ‘house’ have delivered the return on investment we’d hoped for. However, what sets Fortified apart is how they conduct their business. It’s a true partnership.”

Ann Wright
Director of IT and Informatics
OrthoNebraska Hospital

Image of OrthoNebraska Hospital in Omaha Nebraska
CHKD Hospital

Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters

Virginia’s only free-standing children’s hospital needed a healthcare-focused managed SIEM solution, and an experienced healthcare cybersecurity team to guide remediation recommendations. 

“Nothing has been as effective as the contract with Fortified to provide the ongoing risk assessment. Everyone in the industry is concerned with having OCR knock on their door and say: Show me your risk assessment and what you’re doing about it. We can do that—we can show the progress we’re making. We’re not sitting idly by hoping we skirt an issue.”

Joe Hooks
Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters

Fort HealthCare

Fort HealthCare realized a 50% reduction in critical and high vulnerabilities within six months from a custom-built Virtual Information Security Program (VISP).

“Fortified gives us confidence to know we adhere to the latest cybersecurity best practices. Their proactive insights offer knowledge and resources we may not have on our own, while keeping us focused on the most pressing needs. They’re on top of their game.”

Jamie Smith
Manager of Technology Systems
Fort HealthCare

Fort Health Care
Kings Daughters Medical Center

King’s Daughters Health System

When recruiting a new CISO proved difficult, Fortified stepped in with its Virtual Information Security Program (VISP). Using a focused HIPAA risk analysis process, the combined team successfully bolstered the health system’s HIPAA security and compliance program.

“Fortified’s VISP services worked very closely with our team to establish an innovative security risk management process tailored perfectly to our unique environment and needs. Their VISP alignment around mitigating risks without over-architecting or overselling our needs has been invaluable to us.”

Matt Ebaugh
Vice President
King’s Daughters Health System

Beacon Health System

A merger of two community hospitals led to a thriving regional medical center that needed to centralize its cybersecurity program, track data loss, and remediate vulnerabilities. Following deployment of DLP and VTM solutions, plus migration of the hospital’s existing SIEM into a fully managed solution, Beacon is at the forefront of cybersecurity protection efforts.

“Never take good relationships for granted. It’s amazing who will cover for you and get things done when you need it the most. Fortified never failed to surprise me. They said, ‘Whatever you need, we’ll take care of it.’ Not many do that.”

Brian Abel
Director of Information Security and Project Management
Beacon Health System

Beacon Health System

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