Securing the Home Office: How Healthcare Is Adapting to Remote Work, During and After COVID-19

Fortified's CEO, Dan L. Dodson, recently spoke with Health IT Answers about cyber-attack trends and how they impact healthcare organizations. Dodson also shares insights into risks associated with remote workers. Topics of discussion:1) Email cyber-attack trends in 20202) Questions organizations should be asking about their cybersecurity programs3) What impacts COVID-19...

The Risk of Nation-State Hackers, Government-Controlled Health Data

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven a rise in targeted, sophisticated cyberattacks designed to take advantage of an increasingly connected environment. In healthcare, it’s led to a rise in nation-state attacks, in an effort to steal valuable COVID-19 data and disrupt care operations.  Read the full article here.

Health IT Security – COVID-19 Impact on Ransomware, Threats, Healthcare Cybersecurity

COVID-19 has significantly shifted the threat landscape from attacks on individuals and small businesses to critical infrastructure, governments, and major corporations, according to Interpol. Malicious cyberattacks were behind the majority of healthcare IT security incidents, while ransomware demands soared as “big game” variants dominated the threat landscape.  Read the full article here.

Fortified Health Security Announces New Addition to Executive Leadership Team

Fortified Health Security, the recognized leader in cybersecurity for healthcare, today announced the appointment of Dave Glenn as Chief Revenue Officer. A seasoned leader with over 30 years of combined experience in information technology, cybersecurity, enterprise sales and business development execution and leadership, Glenn joins Fortified Health Security’s executive leadership...

Five Tips for Protecting Your IoT-enabled Medical Devices

Research shows us that security breaches can greatly impact a healthcare organization’s reputation. Unfortunately, healthcare leaders are stuck in the cross hairs of consumers and hackers. While consumers want transparency, access to information and assurance their personal information will remain safe, hackers are busy compromising patient information at a faster...

Ransomware: An Overview

Ransomware! The word alone strikes fear in the hearts of CIOs, CISOs and hospital administrators alike. What is Ransomware? Ransomware is malicious software which blocks access to a computer system or data in some way until a sum of money is paid.