Our Vision

To strengthen the cybersecurity posture of healthcare

We Understand Healthcare Cyber Risk

Healthcare organizations face the same cybercriminal activities as other companies, but these factors make
combating those attacks exponentially more difficult:


Cybercriminals’ high valuation of healthcare data means they spend time developing the type of advanced tools that can cause extreme disruptions.


Fast growth of the Internet of Things is forcing healthcare organizations to prioritize medical device security.


The always-on nature of healthcare increases the industry’s vulnerability.


The increase in bring-your-own-devices presents yet another front healthcare organizations must protect.


There are insufficient numbers of cybersecurity experts with deep knowledge of healthcare’s unique challenges.


Expanded networks mean healthcare entities must add resources to properly manage third-party risk.


Patient lives may be at stake when ransomware attacks paralyze networks.

Nevertheless, with an informed strategic plan and a trusted partner, healthcare organizations are successfully maturing their cybersecurity posture. It starts with identifying and areas of vulnerability, either through internal audit or external assessment. Exposed areas receive a priority level that translates into an action plan. Each area is shored up by applying best practices, adjusting or replacing technology, and revising processes. Often, the long-term plan involves outsourcing services such as ongoing threat management, data loss prevention, event management, and endpoint detection and response.

Fortified focuses solely on healthcare, so we understand your unique cybersecurity needs. We bring an exceptionally high degree of expertise, high-touch engagements that result in actionable information, and partnership-level responsiveness. We’re also committed to a stronger healthcare landscape that benefits more clients, protects more patient data, and reduces more risk.

We look forward to speaking with you about your cybersecurity needs.