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Cybersecurity Expertise in Healthcare

What You Need to Know

Healthcare Cybersecurity Webinar Series

A recent article from Computer Weekly shared that over one-third of cybersecurity professionals plan to leave cybersecurity. This stat is alarming, given the current shortage of cybersecurity expertise. In fact, 63% of respondents to an ISACA report shared they had unfilled cybersecurity positions. Almost the same percentage, 62%, stated their team was understaffed, taking more than six months to fill open positions.

The lack of IT and cybersecurity professionals is nothing new, but it’s getting worse, not better. Unfilled positions are putting an extra workload on existing teams leading to burnout and increased risk to patients.

Healthcare has a unique set of challenges when it comes to cybersecurity expertise. This on-demand webinar features Nick Ciero as our guest speaker. Nick, a former vCIO with almost twenty years of leadership experience and the Director of EOD at Fortified, shares his insights and thoughts on overcoming cybersecurity expertise challenges in healthcare.

Learning Objectives:

  • Cybersecurity Expertise Trends

  • Addressing the Expertise Gaps in a Healthcare Cybersecurity Team

  • What Are Key Areas to Evaluate When Looking at Cybersecurity Expertise

  • Strategies for Elevating Cybersecurity Skills Gap within Healthcare Organizations

  • Live Q&A was provided for Attendees




Nick Ciero
Director of EOD
Fortified Health Security
Nick brings over twenty years of experience to his new role as Director of EOD at Fortified. In addition to leading and advising healthcare organizations, Nick was a technical instructor for thirteen years, teaching EET, IS, and IT programs. Nick also gained extensive recruiting experience while serving in the United States Marine Corps.

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