Defense in-Depth for Healthcare Cybersecurity

In this training series, cybersecurity leaders share how and why they layer security protocols and defensive mechanisms to create defense in-depth in the healthcare environment. Three core areas of defense in-depth are addressed: 

Part 1: Maximizing Your SOC Services

Part 2: Attack Surface Management with VTM

Part 3: Tackling 3rd-party Risk Challenges

A 3-part cybersecurity webinar series for healthcare providers

In this series

Maximizing Your SOC Services

Key Takeaways
  • How security redundancies help build an effective cybersecurity program
  • The differences in capabilities between SOC services and how they complement each other
  • How to increase the accuracy and efficiency of your cybersecurity program

Attack Surface Management with VTM

Key Takeaways
  • How VTM helps address cybersecurity fundamentals and challenges
  • Addressing prioritization, resource capacity, and third-party patching
  • Solutions for managing your VTM program more efficiently and effectively

Tackling 3rd-party Risk Challenges

Key Takeaways
  • Data and trends in third-party risk management
  • Best practices for tackling TPRM challenges
  • Importance of TPRM in an overall risk assessment

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