Do you know how many medical devices are connected to your network right now? 

Most healthcare leaders cannot answer confidently, and that’s a problem.

More healthcare organizations are challenged to monitor and manage the risks associated with the IoT-enabled connected medical devices that are revolutionizing patient care. This is the most urgent conversation Fortified is having with health systems right now.

The old ways of securing endpoints via agent-based technologies simply won’t work for connected medical devices and, thus, do not adequately protect devices that dynamically enter and exit your environment. As medical IT networks become more complex, the bottom line is your network and your organization are more vulnerable.

Fortified’s new Connected Medical Device & IoT Security Program offers: 

  • Network-connected device identification & classification
  • Real-time intelligence, monitoring and compliance visibility
  • Identification of zero-day threats
  • Proactive stance toward identifying and remediating vulnerabilities
  • Integration with existing security investments
  • A single pane-of-glass dashboard (as a part of our SIEM and VTM services)

Discover the immediate impact of a comprehensive, proactive stance toward medical device & IoT security. Let’s talk about it. Please complete the form to connect with the Fortified team.