Webinar: Ransomware – To Pay Or Not To Pay?

Ransomware has become a prevalent, and at times, a successful and profitable criminal enterprise. Has your organization taken the time to develop a proactive and appropriately reactive strategy to weather an attack?

By definition, Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents or limits users from accessing their network until a sum of money is paid. Once engaged, Ransomware typically locks the computer screen and/or encrypts predetermined files with a password. Ransomware clearly has a profitable business model with payment schemes affording anonymity. Specific to healthcare, Ransomware can expose ePHI, a direct breach according to HIPAA. However, even if the data is destroyed and not exposed, this can also be considered a compromise of integrity and availability. Given this acute and rapidly evolving threat to ePHI, understanding Ransomware is now crucial.

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