Fortified to host Third Party Risk Focus Group at HIMSS Conference

Fortified will be hosting an exclusive focus group discussion on the relevant topic of third party risk at the HIMSS17 Conference in Orlando.  Space is limited – register now through CHIME.


Are you confident in how you are managing your third party risk?

Tuesday 2/21/17 (8:00 am – 9:30 am)  

By now, Healthcare Providers are well aware of the risks of data leakage, and exposure to their organizations based on how well they are safeguarding their data. But how are providers protecting themselves from risks associated with third parties? Hospitals, and covered entities contract with vendors who create, maintain, transmit, and store PHI every single day. As a result, covered entities need to have a strong program in place to help manage third party risk, and their lifecycle. Most all healthcare organizations have an extraordinary amount of business associate partners, and many find it challenging to develop and implement a scalable, comprehensive third party security program. In this session, we will look at how organizations are managing their third party risk, and make some recommendations on how to develop a program in your organization which can holistically measure and manage risk with contracted third parties.