Healthcare Dark Web Services Webinar | May 31st | 2 PM CT

Healthcare Dark Web Services Webinar – Tuesday, 5.31.22 2 pm CT – Now LIVE 

There are multiple layers of the internet. Most people are familiar with the Surface Web, accessed using a standard web browser. However, Surface Web users only access up to 4% of the entire internet, leaving the remaining 96% categorized as the Deep Web. Within the Deep Web lies the Dark Web, where cybercriminals transact and communicate.

Healthcare data is among some of the most valuable, with estimates placing a $250 value per record. Most other records are a fraction of the cost, including payment cards or bank account access is often ten times less. As a result, healthcare organizations and patient records are lucrative targets for cybercriminals.

The Dark Web does offer an opportunity for cybersecurity teams to enhance their security programs. One example is Dark Web monitoring which searches and keeps track of sensitive information found on the Dark Web. Armed with this additional intelligence, cybersecurity practitioners can create a more informed and proactive security posture.

Join our team as they share their experiences helping healthcare organizations efficiently and cost-effectively maintain a successful cybersecurity program enhanced by Dark Web services.

Learning Objectives:

  • Breaking Down Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web
  • Current State and Evolution of the Dark Web 
  • Dark Web Impacts on Healthcare 
  • Shining Light Dark Web Services for Healthcare (Insights into How) 
  • Jump-Starting a Dark Web Program