WEBINAR: Beyond WannaCry – Vital Steps for Ransomware Preparedness

Fortified webinar content

Since the global WannaCry cyberattack made the word “ransomware” top of mind for millions of people recently, the Fortified team has had informative and actionable conversations with many healthcare leaders. Our proper tendency is to respond to an attack. However, the foundational efforts to establish a truly secure cybersecurity posture happen long before a crisis occurs.

So how are we counseling people today?

  1. We’re offering understanding regarding the “what” and “how” of WannaCry, along with the latest developments.
  2. We’re providing tailored plans to identify and remediate any institutional vulnerabilities.
  3. Most importantly, we’re sharing the best practices regarding how to be prepared for whatever attack may come next.

This is needed information, and we want to get it shared with as many people as possible.  Therefore, we’re hosting a webinar to help you discover the top “blocking and tackling” steps of a sound security program that are often neglected, yet can make all the difference when attacks like WannaCry occur.

When: Thursday, May 25, 2017 at noon (CT)

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