Webinar: Tips & Tools to Overcome Human Error in Cybersecurity

Fortified webinar content

Don’t Get Hooked:  Tips & Tools to Overcome Human Error in Cybersecurity

You’re invited to our upcoming webinar, February 27th.

Your team means well. But the tactics deployed by data thieves are constantly changing, and costly mistakes do happen.  So how can you stay apprised of the latest threats, and keep your team constantly ready to fend off cyber attacks?

Fortified Health Security – a leader in information security, HIPAA compliance and managed services for healthcare organizations – has seen it all.  Despite good intentions, we know vulnerabilities persist within organizations because of human error.  In this short webinar, Fortified will overview the today’s leading cybersecurity threats, their devious ploys, and the true dangers they impose.  You’ll also learn practical ways to operationalize understanding across your organization and promote team readiness.

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