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Fortified’s hour-long web conferences held monthly give healthcare and life science cybersecurity professionals a chance to come together to discuss common challenges, ideas, and solutions. There are no vendor presentations, and no one has to sit through a sales or marketing pitch. Learn more about the roundtables and use the form on this page to request to join our next roundtable.

Join a Fortified Roundtable

Dan L. Dodson
Fortified Health Security

Fortified Health Security is healthcare’s recognized leader in cybersecurity – protecting patient data and reducing risk throughout the Fortified healthcare ecosystem.

Peer Roundtables

Healthcare cybersecurity professionals collaborate openly on the challenges they are facing.

The hour-long session is an open mic, camera, and chat for all attendees. Conversations are moderated by Fortified but driven by you. Come with questions, a story, or just to listen and learn, the choice is yours.

Threat bulletins

Fortified routinely releases healthcare-centric cybersecurity alerts. The alerts are a benefit for Fortified clients and members of the Ecosystem. 

Threat bulletins not only share information about emerging threats but also provide remediation resources and healthcare-specific insights. 

Cybersecurity learning

Hear about healthcare cybersecurity topics directly from Fortified's experienced leaders and practitioners. 

Learn how they are helping teams just like yours improve their security postures. Hear feedback and other approaches from your peers in attendance.

We're stronger together

The bad guys get together and share information, why shouldn't we? The Fortified roundtables are just one part of the Fortified Ecosystem but an important one. The contributions of all those inside and outside of Fortified make the roundtables so collaborative.




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“When we committed to hosting the roundtables, our goal was to provide a space where peers can get together without a vendor agenda. The community, or members of the Fortified ecosystem as we call them, are the drivers of the discussion. The dialogue and feedback has been tremendous from attendees."

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