HITRUST CSF® is a certifiable framework that provides organizations with a comprehensive, flexible, and efficient approach to regulatory compliance and risk management. HITRUST CSF provides the structure, transparency, guidance and cross-references to authoritative sources that organizations need globally to be certain of their data protection compliance.

Developed in collaboration with data protection professionals, HITRUST CSF rationalizes relevant regulations and standards into a single overarching security and privacy framework. Because HITRUST CSF is both risk- and compliance-based, organizations of varying risk profiles can customize the security and privacy control baselines through a variety of factors including organization type, size, systems and regulatory requirements. As a certified HITRUST assessor, Fortified can help guide this customization. Fortified partners with clients to help them achieve HITRUST CSF while leading them through their overarching certification journey.

Fortified uses a proprietary process which begins with a readiness assessment to identify gaps, develop a remediation plan, and prepare for and maintain future certification.

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