Managed Medical Device Security Program (IoT/IoMT)

Legacy medical devices that were not designed to be internet-accessible are now being connected to the internet, increasing security risks and vulnerability for healthcare environments. Fortified’s Managed Connected Medical Device Security Program (IoT/IoMT) helps organizations close those security gaps in healthcare networks by visualizing, assessing, and protecting connected IoT and medical devices.

Traditionally, medical device manufacturers have been slow to adopt stringent security practices and therefore, healthcare organizations that do not adequately address medical device vulnerabilities and perform ongoing monitoring of these devices are putting themselves at risk.

The Managed Connected Medical Device Security Program is a technology-enabled solution that offers real-time operational intelligence and compliance visibility for network-connected medical devices through automated device discovery, identification, classification, and risk rating. It provides advanced threat remediation expertise, alerts of security threats, monthly analysis, trending, and reporting.

In addition to the full visibility the program provides into connected medical devices, it also shares actionable guidance on governance including FDA recalls and vulnerability disclosures.

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