What Healthcare Innovations to Expect in 2017

Our response to Healthcare Innovation News' Thought Leaders' Corner question, "What Healthcare Innovations Do You Expect in 2017?"
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Healthcare Innovation News’ Thought Leaders’ Corner asked Fortified’s Dan L. Dodson the question, “What Healthcare Innovations Do You Expect in 2017?”  Here is his reply:


In 2017, we foresee the greater acceptance and use of emerging technologies to drive better, more-coordinated health outcomes. This includes more widespread use of 3D imaging beyond implants and orthopedics. New features and functionality will expand this technology into other medical disciplines, including bio-printing that will introduce the possibility of recreating tissues, blood vessels or organs.

Telehealth and remote technologies will continue to gain adoption and, along with the improved integration of electronic medical record (EMR), will empower better care coordination across the continuum. Continued improvement in both process and technology will help bend the cost curve by providing access to healthcare in a lower cost delivery model and reducing unnecessary emergency room visits.

As health systems move into the post-EMR implementation boom, business intelligence and analytics will rise to the top of hospital initiatives. New technical innovations and improvements to data governance will drive better use of healthcare data across the board.

Cybersecurity concerns will force healthcare operations to be reimagined in 2017. IT cannot manage the issue alone; it will take collaboration, investment and a comprehensive, ongoing approach to managing cybersecurity risk organization-wide in order to meet the rising challenge. Managing cyber risk is complicated, but it is most effective when led from the top, well-planned and supported by data.