Fortified Health Security Partners with Beacon Health System to Strengthen its Cybersecurity Program

In this Beacon Health System cybersecurity case study, Fortified provided VTM, SIEM, DLP and a Connected Medical Device and IoT Security Program solutions.
The front of Beacon Health System's building

Solutions include VTM, SIEM, DLP and a Connected Medical Device and IoT Security Program

Fortified Health Security, a leader in cybersecurity, compliance and managed services focused solely on the healthcare industry, recently partnered with Beacon Health System to strengthen the health system’s overarching cybersecurity program.

The program kicked off in April 2017, during the formation of Beacon, which required the health system to consolidate policies and to implement a more unified and centralized cybersecurity program. Fortified discovered through its baseline research that the health system had moderate cybersecurity system development with data loss prevention, and had deployed a SIEM solution on limited systems. In addition, like most healthcare organizations today, there was zero SIEM visibility into their medical device inventory, as well as the risks associated with those connected devices.

“Fortified allowed me the liberty of telling them what I needed and when I needed it,” said Brian Abel, Director of Information Security and Project Management at Beacon Health System. “They gave me the architecture and the hands to get it done. They ran on my schedule. That’s rare.”

To address the issues at hand, Fortified worked alongside Beacon’s team of security professionals to implement an industry leading data loss prevention solution to gain visibility into what data was moving about within, as well as leaving, the organization, and to develop new technical policies for safely transmitting sensitive data. Fortified’s Vulnerability Threat Management (VTM) solution was also deployed, quickly giving Beacon critical visibility into all its cybersecurity solutions working in tandem and in real time. This solution and managed service enables Beacon to determine an actual vs. perceived threat via a consolidated single pane of glass dashboard.

“In addition to maturing their compliance-driven security initiatives, we helped Beacon move to the forefront of new cybersecurity protection efforts aimed directly at clinical infrastructure and patient protection,” said Dan L. Dodson, President of Fortified Health Security. “Threat monitoring is now enabled on the health system’s smart IV pumps via Fortified’s Connected Medical Device & IoT Security program. If the solution sees a pump acting abnormally vis a vis  the specific profile of the device, real time alerts are sent to Beacon’s incident response team. This is a game changer for Beacon.”

As a result of Beacon’s partnership with Fortified, the health system’s NIST data security scoring has doubled since the spring of 2017. It has moved from being in the 26th percentile for data security to the 50th percentile. The health system believes it is on track to move to the 70th percentile by April 2019 through its continued partnership with Fortified, thus moving the organization to the higher end of health systems nationwide.

“The ability of Fortified to provide transparency for the connected Beacon environment is a substantial win for the health system,” said Abel. “Today, we have insight into the database that maintains patient information to help us monitor threats as well as classify and secure our intellectual property and other sensitive information.”

A full case study of Fortified Health Security’s relationship with Beacon Health System can be downloaded here.


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