Fortified Health Security Partners with ZingBox to Launch Connected Medical Device and IoT Security Program

Fortified partners with ZingBox, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) security solution provider, to launch its Connected Medical Device and IoT Security Program
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Today Fortified Health Security, a leader in information security, compliance and managed services, focused solely in the healthcare industry, announced that it has partnered with ZingBox, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) security solution provider to launch its Connected Medical Device and IoT Security Program. The partnership aims to address medical device vulnerabilities and provide ongoing monitoring through a comprehensive approach to improve healthcare organizations’ cybersecurity posture.

The program integrates ZingBox’s unique IoT device-personality technology with Fortified’s single pane-of-glass security dashboard that empowers healthcare organizations with situational awareness of their network, devices and potential threats.

“Unfortunately, many healthcare leaders are not even aware of how many medical devices are connected to their networks so monitoring and managing risks associated with these devices is a major challenge,” said Dan L. Dodson, president of Fortified Health Security. “We are working with healthcare organizations to identify and close security gaps within their networks by visualizing, accessing and protecting their connected IoT and medical devices.”

Fortified Health Security’s Connected Medical Device and IoT Security Program is a technology-enabled solution that offers real time operational intelligence and compliance visibility for network-connected medical devices through automated device discovery, identification, classification, and risk rating powered by ZingBox. When combined with Fortified solutions, this program provides a holistic view of an organization’s security posture and enables a proactive stance toward identifying and remediating vulnerabilities.

“Global demand for IoT security solutions, especially in the healthcare industry, has never been higher. We are excited to partner with Fortified Health Security to bring an unparalleled solution to market, combining leading edge technology with the right people and process,” said Xu Zou, CEO and co-founder of ZingBox. “We approached IoT Security with a fresh perspective, one that is not limited by traditional IT security relying on detecting malware on a few select platforms. Our personality-based approach discerns each device’s behaviors, detects suspicious activities through self-learning, and enforces trust in all connected devices.”

In addition to proactive, ongoing network monitoring combined with real-time advanced threat remediation support, other benefits offered by Fortified’s Connected Medical Device and IoT Security Program include: network-connected device discovery; classification of IoT assets; risk rating assignments for each device; vulnerability management; anomalous device behavior identification; zero-day attack identification; incident response; integration with existing security investments; monthly analysis, trending and reporting; and risk periodization and patch management.

Fortified Health Security, is a leader in information security, compliance and managed services. We focus exclusively on helping healthcare professionals overcome operational and regulatory challenges every day regarding HIPAA, HITECH, and Meaningful Use. Founded in 2009, we have established a heritage of excellence, compliance and innovation. Today, Fortified Health Security partners with healthcare organizations across the continuum, serving health systems, single hospital entities, physician practices, post-acute providers, payers and business associates.

Enabling the Internet of Trusted Things, ZingBox provides hospitals, companies and manufacturing facilities with Internet of Things (IoT) security software that helps ensure service delivery. ZingBox’s new approach is based on Deep Learning and enforcement of trusted behavior. Founded by Silicon Valley veterans with expertise in cybersecurity, IoT, Deep Learning, and networking, ZingBox was selected by the Stanford StartX program, was named one of NetworkWorld’s hottest security startups. For more information, visit