405(d) for Healthcare | What You Need to Know Series | June 23rd, 2022 | 1 pm CT

405(d) for Healthcare
What You Need to Know Series

Special Briefing – 405(d) for Healthcare in 2022 and Beyond

At a recent Fortified Ecosystem Roundtable attended by over 40 healthcare organizations, a live polling question showed a strong interest from the audience in learning more about 405(d). In response, we are excited to announce Fortified will be holding a special briefing on 405(d) with guest speaker Erik Decker, Co-Chair of the 405(d) HHS Task Group.

405(d) is not just another generic framework or regulation. It can be a powerful resource and tool for your healthcare organization. This special briefing on 405(d) will serve as an excellent start to your journey or help you accelerate your efforts by putting you in direct contact with senior leaders assisting others like you.

Join our speakers as they share their experiences helping healthcare organizations research, evaluate, implement, measure, and maintain cybersecurity programs specifically, how 405(d) can be utilized by healthcare organizations, and the future of the program. This briefing includes live Q&A for those in attendance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Healthcare Focused Update on Frameworks, Regulations, and Best Practices
  • What is 405(d) from Guest Speaker, Erik Decker
  • Why 405(d) Makes Sense for Healthcare
  • Integration of 405 (d) into Healthcare Security Programs
  • The Future of 405(d) and Healthcare Cybersecurity
  • Live Questions and Answers