IPMI Healthcare Institute – Virtual | June 8, 2021

Leveraging Metrics to Communicate Risk to C-Suite

Fortified Health Security Dan L. Dodson

With the digitization of healthcare, cybersecurity has become a pressing topic in boardrooms among the C-suite. Whether the organization has a dedicated CISO or if it is falls under the CIO, maintaining security often conflicts with the goals of reducing bureaucracy, boosting patient experience, and improving data governance. Those in this role now need to understand not just security, risk, and compliance but also the nuances of potential consequences and impacts on the hospital’s business as well as patient experience.

Effectively communicating what risks are most likely and how they will affect the health system’s business process is the key to connecting with the C-Suite but presenting the right metrics to drive meaningful change and show maturity can be tricky. Through participation in this Think Tank, healthcare information and information security executives have an opportunity to collaborate with their peers and collectively develop better answers that are both data-driven and experience-based. You will be part of an engaged community of healthcare thought leaders, exchanging information and ideas on improving healthcare cybersecurity and, ultimately, patient security.

Some critical topics explored during this session include:

  • Qualities of an effective CIO/CISO
  • Best tools to use to show progress and maturity in cybersecurity
  • Knowledge of how to get cultural as well as financial wins