Webinar | How and why to add threat hunting to your healthcare SOC | Tuesday, December 20th | 2 PM CT

As threat actors continue to increase pressure on healthcare, Security Operations Center (SOC) leaders are looking for any advantage they can get.

Learn ways to level up your internal SOC team in our next free webinar, featuring Jake Bice, Sr Mgr. Cybersecurity Operations at Fortified Health Security.

Jake will be discussing proactive vs. reactive SOCs in healthcare and how Fortified has expanded its SOC programs to include cybersecurity measures like threat hunting, to gain intelligence on hard-to-detect threats lurking in your environment.

You’ll learn:

  • Differences between proactive and reactive SOCs
  • Elements of becoming a more proactive SOC 
  • Ways to build a stronger cybersecurity mindset 
  • How Fortified incorporates threat hunting into SOC services