Webinar: How to Build a Medical Device Security Program | Wednesday, April 20th, 2pm CT

Want to build a medical device security program from the ground up? Don’t know where to start? Walk away from this presentation with a plan to kick off a medical device security program. 

Medical devices are a weak link susceptible to cyberattack, and the stakes are high—patient lives. Historically medical devices were stand-alone and only interacted with the patient. Today, medical devices are storing and transmitting patient data. Medical devices contain configurable embedded computer systems. Medical devices are connected to the network, potentially accessible by anyone on the network, and subject to a cyberattack. Many are legacy devices with no control options. Current medical device inventory lacks basic IT information.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the steps to build an effective medical device security program
  • Apply a process to create an IT-based medical device inventory
  • Describe the process to assign risk to medical devices 

Tamra Durfee, Virtual Infomation Security Officer,
Fortified Health Security
Tamra Durfee is an innovative and experienced IT professional. Her background includes Information security, IT architecture, and project management. She has developed and implemented a strong information security program for a hospital, has extensive experience in all phases of the software development life cycle, and has architected AIX/pSeries data center relocations/builds. In addition, Durfee has a proven track record in leading technical teams to achieve high customer satisfaction levels and exceed service-level agreement objectives.