Webinar: VTM in Healthcare What You Need to Know | Tuesday, April 5 | 2pm CT

Doing more with less is a common theme in many IT departments. Overcoming that challenge is getting tougher and cybersecurity professionals are becoming harder to find.

According to a recent HIMSS survey*, 40% of surveyed IT professionals said 6% or less of their IT budget was devoted to cybersecurity. Last year cyber-attacks caused by exploiting unpatched software increased by 33% and accounted for 44% of ransomware attacks*.

(ISC)² conducted a poll* on the impact of Log4J, this past December on cybersecurity teams, and more than 50% of respondents spent weeks or months remediating the vulnerability. Additionally, almost half spent weekends or holidays to handle the challenge.

Cybersecurity teams should proactively and efficiently address vulnerabilities to reduce risk and staffing burnout, a Vulnerability Threat Management (VTM) program can help.

Join this webinar to learn how a VTM program fits into your organization and why it’s an important addition to your healthcare cybersecurity posture. Agenda for this webinar: 

• Factors Driving the Need for VTM Adoption
• What is a Healthcare VTM Program
• Examples of Utilizing VTM
• How to Start a VTM Program

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