Penetration Testing Service

Fortified’s Penetration Testing consists of a real-world, simulated attack on a healthcare organization’s network. It is designed to validate the effectiveness of a security program by demonstrating how a malicious actor could gain access to the network and exploit vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing from Fortified provides a clear picture of where strengths and weaknesses lie within a healthcare organization, its systems, network, and infrastructure. Penetration Testing can be performed on internal, external, wireless, and web application environments and is often a required by third parties. For instance, PCI Certification requires penetration testing be conducted annually.

Fortified Penetration Testing includes the following:

  • Certified ethical hackers use manual and automatic methods to penetrate client systems and gain access.
  • A report is generated – detailing all findings discovered and demonstrations of how security controls were exploited.
  • Fortified’s Penetration Testing team meets with the organization to present the discovered findings, while sharing instructions on how to mitigate future risks.