Security Risk Assessments

Fortified’s Security Risk Assessments provide an accurate and thorough evaluation of the potential risks and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic protected health information held by the organization. Often, conducting risk assessments can be the first step in identifying and implementing safeguards that comply with and carry out the standards and implementation specifications of healthcare regulations and guidelines.

From ensuring HIPAA compliance and NIST Cybersecurity Framework alignment, to preparing for HITRUST CSF® certification, Fortified experts review technical findings to identify, address, and support an organization’s overall security posture, while mitigating potential risk.

The Fortified team of experienced security and compliance professionals ensures that organizations have the physical and environmental controls in place to govern security controls while examining the likelihood of a potential breach and the magnitude of its impact. Fortified’s Security Risk Assessments help safeguard organizations by confirming that they have the appropriate tools in place to protect sensitive data and network resources from cybersecurity threats.

Unlike some risk assessments, Fortified Security Risk Assessments analyze an organization’s current environment through a robust technical scan versus simple questionnaires. This provides a higher level of understanding – especially with respect to vulnerabilities that might be exploited if not properly addressed.

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