Cybersecurity Webinars

Fortified Health Security’s subject matter experts and guests share their expertise, discuss best practices, and take questions in these live and recorded educational sessions.

Upcoming Sessions

Fortified Webinar

Webinar | Navigating Critical Updates to Medical Device Cybersecurity | Wednesday, October 4th, 1 pm CT

Cybersecurity threats to medical devices are a growing concern. In an effort to make new devices more secure, the FDA will begin refusing medical device submissions on the basis of cybersecurity starting Oct. 1st, 2023. This pivotal change is likely to have far-reaching impact on the entire healthcare industry. Join expert hosts, Samantha Jacques, Vice President, Clinical Engineering at McLaren Health Care, and Kate Pierce, Senior Virtual Information Security Officer at Fortified Health Security, on their webinar.

Fortified Webinar

Webinar | Rethinking Penetration Testing in the Face of Rising Healthcare Breaches | Wednesday, October 11th, 1 pm CT

Cyber attacks on hospitals and health systems have skyrocketed. With breaches surging 104% YoY and the average cost of a healthcare data breach at $10.93 million, there’s an urgent need for action. For healthcare organizations to fortify their cybersecurity defenses, it’s crucial to start thinking differently about penetration testing. Join cybersecurity expert T.J. Ramsey, Senior Director of Threat Assessment Operations at Fortified Health Security, for an enlightening discussion on new ways to look at penetration testing and its relevance in healthcare.

Past Sessions

Fortified Webinar

Webinar | A New Era of Healthcare Cybersecurity | On-demand

Healthcare organizations and their patients are increasingly being targeted with callous and catastrophic cyber attacks. This webinar offers an opportunity to equip yourself with valuable insights and practical knowledge that can safeguard your healthcare organization in the face of evolving cyber challenges.

Fortified Webinar

Webinar | 405(d) for Healthcare: What You Need to Know | On-demand

This special on-demand 405(d) briefing will serve as an excellent start to your journey, or help you accelerate your efforts by putting you in direct contact with senior leaders assisting others like you.

Fortified Webinar

Webinar | Defense in-depth Part 3: Tackling Third-Party Risk Challenges in Healthcare | On-demand

Some of history's most prolific cybersecurity attacks have been traced back to third-party vendors, and no organization is immune. The healthcare industry has become particularly vulnerable, with the average cost of a healthcare breach just over $10M in 2022. Join us for unparalleled insight on tackling challenges in third-party risk management (TPRM), hosted by Fortified's panel of TPRM experts Melissa Adams, Daniel Hudgins, and Scott McIntosh. Our team will counsel you on optimizing your TPRM program and convey real-world learnings gathered through decades of collective experience in the industry.

Fortified Webinar

Webinar | From Crisis to Recovery: Lessons Learned From a Hospital's Ransomware Attack | On-demand

Our speaker Tamra Durfee, will guide you through a real-life ransomware event that occurred in a hospital, and share essential knowledge that helped them contain the spread. You’ll come away with a clear understanding of: what a hospital experiences’ during a ransomware event, ways to bolster your organization’s resilience against future threats, and top 10 recommendations for responding to and preparing for ransomware incidents

Fortified Webinar

Webinar | Defense in-depth Part 2: Attack Surface Management with VTM | On-demand

Join Fortified’s Tim “T.J.” Ramsey, Senior Director of Threat Assessment Operations, for session 2 of our 3-part webinar series, “Defense in Depth, part 2: Attack surface management with VTM”


CHIME | Current Threats and Best Practices You Should Follow to Keep Your Data Safe | On-demand

Watch Fortified's Tim "T.J." Ramsey, Senior Director of Threat Assessment Operations, for a live webinar on current threats and best practices you should follow to keep your data safe. You must be a CHIME member to access on-demand recording.

Fortified Webinar

Webinar | Defense in-depth Part 1: Maximizing your SOC Services | On-demand

In the first session of our 3-part series, Jake Bice, Director of Cybersecurity Operations at Fortified, unpacked what defense in depth looks like in healthcare, how to implement it, and the impact it can have on your security posture.

Fortified Webinar

Webinar | How to Build a Medical Device Security Program | On-demand

Want to build a medical device security program from the ground up? Don’t know where to start? Walk away from this presentation with a plan to kick off a medical device security program.

Fortified Webinar

Webinar | How and Why to Add Threat Hunting to Your Healthcare SOC | On-demand

Learn ways to level up your internal SOC team with Jake Bice, Sr Mgr. Cybersecurity Operations at Fortified Health Security. Jake discusses proactive vs. reactive SOCs in healthcare and how Fortified has expanded its SOC programs to include cybersecurity measures like threat hunting, to gain intelligence on hard-to-detect threats lurking in your environment.

Fortified Webinar

Webinar | Why Healthcare Vulnerability Threat Management is Evolving | On-demand

Vulnerabilities Threat Management (VTM) is crucial to building a stronger cybersecurity posture. Watch to learn how to expand VTM programs to stay ahead of the growing threats facing healthcare.

Fortified Webinar

Webinar | Healthcare’s Next Big Challenge: Third-Party Risk Management | On-demand

Third-Party Risk Management, or TPRM, is vital to the protection of patient data and is a growing risk for healthcare organizations. 55% of healthcare organizations have experienced a data breach, according to a recent study. Watch this webinar to learn how to best prepare your organization against costly breaches in this ever-evolving third-party threat landscape.

Fortified Webinar

Webinar | Cybersecurity Expertise in Healthcare: What you Need to Know | On-demand

Healthcare has a unique set of challenges when it comes to cybersecurity expertise. This on-demand webinar features Nick Ciero as our guest speaker. Nick, a former vCIO with almost twenty years of leadership experience and the Director of EOD at Fortified, shares his insights and thoughts on overcoming cybersecurity expertise challenges in healthcare.

Fortified Webinar

Webinar | Getting the Most Out of a Healthcare Penetration Test | On-demand

Penetration testing (pen testing) is a cornerstone of cybersecurity, but with the threat landscape rapidly changing in healthcare, getting the most out of your pen tests is critical. Watch this on-demand presentation to get a fresh perspective on pen testing and how Fortified's team is helping others maximize their pen test programs.

Fortified Webinar

Webinar | The Many Ways to Utilize a Vulnerability Threat Management Program in Healthcare Cybersecurity | On-demand

Cybersecurity teams should proactively and efficiently address vulnerabilities to reduce risk and staffing burnout, a Vulnerability Threat Management (VTM) program can help. Watch this webinar to learn how a VTM program fits into your organization and why it's an important addition to your healthcare cybersecurity posture.

Fortified Webinar

Webinar | MDR in Healthcare What You Need to Know | On-demand

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) can integrate multiple cybersecurity controls to improve your security posture. MDR offers an effective approach to this problem and should be considered by any organization not employing this solution. Watch this presentation to learn how MDR fits into your organization and why it's an important addition to your healthcare security organization.