From Gaps to Growth: USA Health's Path to Stronger Cybersecurity

Hosted by Louis Wright, Director of IT Infrastructure & CISO at University of South Alabama Health (USA Health)
and Preston Duren, VP of Cybersecurity Operations at Fortified Health Security


Louis Wright, Director of IT Infrastructure & CISO at University of South Alabama Health (USA Health), overcame significant challenges, including staffing constraints and budget limitations, in his efforts to secure the health system and safeguard patients.

Listen in as Louis and Preston Duren, VP of Cybersecurity Operations at Fortified Health Security, discuss USA Health’s cyber maturity journey and how they navigate the complex, high stakes world of healthcare cybersecurity amidst the rapidly evolving threat landscape.

You’ll learn how USA Health:

  • Optimized their detection and response capabilities
  • Significantly enhanced the maturity of their cybersecurity program
  • Grew their cyber program to better protect patients, amidst common challenges

About the speakers

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Louis Wright, MBA-PM
Director, IT Infrastructure & CISO
University of South Alabama Health

Louis is the CISO and Director of IT Infrastructure at the University of South Alabama (USA) Health. As the only academic health system along the upper Gulf Coast, USA Health is one of the region’s leading providers of innovative healthcare through both hospitals and clinic care. Louis Wright earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in Information Systems from Spring Hill College and a Master’s in Business Administration and Project Management from Florida Institute of Technology. Louis has over twenty years of experience working with USA Health in the IT medical field. He has helped to implement several significant projects, including building two EMRs, developing an IT Security program, and various other large-scale infrastructure projects for the health system.

Prior to his tenure at USA Health, he worked for Computer Programs and Systems, Inc., providing networking and systems implementation support. In his current role as CISO and Director of IT Infrastructure, Louis often collaborates with leadership within the organization and is responsible for several major innovations, acquisitions, and the implementation of IT technologies and security protocols that support the policies and processes within the health system. These responsibilities helped Louis develop his management and business skills in hopes of becoming a CIO in the healthcare field.

Preston Duren
Fortified Health Security
VP, Cybersecurity Operations

As Vice President of Cybersecurity Operations at Fortified, Preston is responsible for the execution of strategic, tactical, and operational initiatives. His previous roles include Security Architecture, Engineering, and Information Security Officer/vCISO at multiple large health systems. With experience in deep technical rolls and enterprise leadership, Preston’s specializations span threat and vulnerability management, architecture, advisory programs, risk assessments, digital forensics, and security operations center (SOC) design and management. Preston uses his extensive knowledge and leadership experience to help Fortified’s clients strengthen their cybersecurity posture and protect their patients’ data.