Virtual Information Security Program (VISP)

The Virtual Information Security Program (VISP) is a customized approach to improve an organization’s security posture by leveraging an experienced Fortified security and compliance professional, or a full team of Fortified professionals to guide existing technology and human capital investments.

Whether it’s an individual Virtual Information Security Officer (VISO) or a full team, the VISP serves as a part-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to any size organization, working to fully assess and manage the organization’s cybersecurity risks, threats and procedures.

Fortified’s VISP professionals are 100% focused on healthcare, and create a tailored program designed to leverage an organization’s prior security investments and current processes, while certifying the actions and investments made in the future will support an evolving cybersecurity strategy. The senior-level individual or team will use a breadth of knowledge in network architecture, database management, applications and systems to establish and maintain an organization’s security vision and program – ensuring information assets and technologies are appropriately protected.

The VISP can take many forms and is uniquely positioned to augment or fill any gaps in personnel, tools or expertise – which is an important component of its design. The key business benefit of retaining VISP services is that this individual or team of security professionals provide the guidance and capabilities of a full-time CISO, without the associated level of overhead in costs, resources and time required when adding full-time employees.

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