Vulnerability Threat Management (VTM) Program

Fortified’s Vulnerability Threat Management (VTM) services allow healthcare organizations to meet or exceed the mandated regulatory requirements to identify and document reasonably anticipated threats to electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). This includes those threats that are unique to the circumstances of the facility’s environment. Organizations must also identify and document vulnerabilities which, if triggered or exploited by a threat, would create a risk of inappropriate access to or disclosure of ePHI.

Through these ongoing advisory services, organizations can address the common issue of ineffective patching due to lack of prioritization, cultural and resource challenges, inconsistent results, and lack of actionable information.

Fortified not only provides these organizations with visibility to determine if their patch management program is effective, but helps to prioritize what, how, and when to patch. Monthly authenticated vulnerability scans of a healthcare organization’s internal and external environments provide ongoing trending and a 24/7/365 dashboard with real-time vulnerability threat data shares ongoing improvements to help guide these efforts.

Fortified’s VTM+ Program offers visibility into the Dark Web to identify what the enemy is saying and doing with the data they’ve obtained from your organization. We detect, analyze, and report on this activity – enabling you to act swiftly and proactively.

Fortified’s Enterprise VTM encompasses VTM, Dark Web, and Connected Med (IoMT) Service, allowing you to expand VTM to every corner of your network for unparalleled strategic remediation planning and risk management.

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