What We Do

Fortified’s team of cybersecurity specialists is dedicated to helping healthcare providers, payers and business associates protect their patient data across the Fortified Healthcare Ecosystem.

We provide a wide variety of purpose-built services to help healthcare organizations evaluate their unique risk appetite, strengthen their cybersecurity posture, and improve operations along their security journey. We focus solely on the healthcare market, and our customized recommendations provide ROI and result in actionable information to reduce the risk of cyber events.

Our purpose-built strategies fall into three main categories: Advisory Services, Healthcare Security Operations Center (SOC) Services, and Threat Assessment & Intelligence Services.

Through our multi-faceted approach, people take precedence — whether recruiting and educating employees or choosing the right partner. But we also closely scrutinize and improve your processes that support your organization’s cybersecurity culture, while confirming the right technology is identified, implemented, and purpose-built to your needs.

We bring an exceptionally high degree of expertise, high-touch engagements that result in actionable information, and partnership-level responsiveness. We’re also committed to a stronger healthcare landscape that benefits more clients, protects more patient data, and reduces more risk.

As we expand to meet the extraordinary cybersecurity challenges faced by healthcare organizations, we’re dedicated to remaining proactive and providing tailored services.

We look forward to speaking with you about your cybersecurity needs.

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