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Fortified Health Security is healthcare’s recognized leader in cybersecurity – protecting patient data and reducing risk throughout the Fortified ecosystem.

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Building cybersecurity programs…

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Fortified Health Security was named #1 in 2022 and 2023 Best in KLAS: Security & Privacy Managed Services. We know what’s at stake for hospitals and health systems – which is why we continually deliver the award-winning security and privacy services needed to protect patient data and care.

Staying one step ahead of ever-changing healthcare cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities can be daunting. With Fortified Central Command, you’ll have a comprehensive view of your organization’s entire cybersecurity program, with centralized risk escalations, real-time notifications, live chat, and more – all in one, easy to navigate platform.    Click here to learn more!

We provide a wide variety of purpose-built services to help healthcare organizations evaluate their unique risk appetite, strengthen their cybersecurity posture, and improve operations throughout their security journey. The company is committed to creating a stronger healthcare landscape that benefits more clients, protects more patient data, and reduces more risk.

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“Fortified’s VISP services worked very closely with our team to establish an innovative security risk management process tailored perfectly to our unique environment and needs. Their VISP alignment around mitigating risks without over-architecting or overselling our needs has been invaluable to us.”
Matt Ebaugh
Vice President
King’s Daughters Health System
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“Fortified gives us confidence to know we adhere to the latest cybersecurity best practices. Their proactive insights offer knowledge and resources we may not have on our own, while keeping us focused on the most pressing needs. They’re on top of their game.”
Jamie Smith
Manager of Technology Systems
Fort HealthCare
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“Never take good relationships for granted. It’s amazing who will cover for you and get things done when you need it the most. Fortified never failed to surprise me. They said, ‘Whatever you need, we’ll take care of it.’ Not many do that.”
Brian Abel
Director of Information Security and Project Management
Beacon Health System
“Nothing has been as effective as the contract with Fortified to provide the ongoing risk assessment. Everyone in the industry is concerned with having OCR knock on their door and say: Show me your risk assessment and what you’re doing about it. We can do that—we can show the progress we’re making. We’re not sitting idly by hoping we skirt an issue.”
Joe Hooks
Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters

Change is constant, especially in cybersecurity.  That’s why we write the Horizon Report.

Since 2017, Fortified Health Security has written this comprehensive, thoughtful guide and offered it completely free for our industry. The semi-annual report starts with key statistics about breaches and OCR activity. It then goes in-depth about market dynamics such as emerging threats, expanding attack surfaces, and budget prioritization.

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We blend healthcare and cybersecurity expertise with a set of purpose-built, technology enabled services that drive the outcome healthcare demands at a price that organizations can afford.

We recognize healthcare organizations have unique cybersecurity challenges compared to other industries. With zero downtime requirements for critical systems, a cybersecurity event can have a significant impact on patient care. 

Your patient data is better protected through collective intelligence and best practices. When we identify threats impacting one healthcare organization, we leverage this healthcare specific threat intelligence to further strengthen all members of the Fortified ecosystem. 

With our award-winning processes combined with our team’s extensive experience in healthcare cybersecurity, our clients learn we’re all-in when it comes to quickly and cost effectively improving their cybersecurity maturity. From initial assessment through successful outcome, let us become your proven partner on this journey. 

Through our multi-faceted approach, people take precedence – whether recruiting and educating employees or choosing the right partner. But we also closely scrutinize and improve the processes that support your organization’s security culture; while confirming the right technology is identified, implemented and purpose-built to your needs.

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