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Health plans must navigate complex cybersecurity challenges, including safeguarding vast amounts of PHI and financial data, managing vulnerabilities and exposure across a wide provider network, and complying with stringent regulations like HIPAA and ERISA.

Safeguarding your organization and patient information against intensifying cyber threats and regulatory scrutiny requires robust, adaptive cybersecurity measures.

Health Plans Trust Fortified

Ongoing Risk Analysis & Response

Fortified Health Security conducts HIPAA- and NIST-based security risk assessments, offering health plans critical visibility into their most significant risks and vulnerabilities. Through regular assessments, ongoing risk monitoring, and targeted guidance, we empower leadership teams to improve their security posture, prevent breaches, and maintain compliance.

Individualized Employee Training

To help organizations mitigate threats caused by internal actions, whether intentional or accidental, Fortified offers comprehensive and customized security training programs. Leveraging our healthcare expertise, we tailor our training to help you cultivate a culture of cybersecurity awareness and readiness.

Fortifying Human Firewalls

Led by our expert penetration testing team, Fortified offers a robust managed phishing program to strengthen your defenses. Through realistic scenarios, customized campaigns, and detailed analysis, we prepare your team to effectively combat phishing attacks, ensuring both staff and patient data are protected.

Streamlined TPRM

Fortified streamlines managing third-party vendor risks for health plans by automating assessments, eliminating manual tasks, and centralizing risk data into a digital inventory. Our service efficiently captures and mitigates the cybersecurity risks associated with your entire Business Associate network and supply chain.

24/7 Threat Defense

Supported by dedicated security analysts, Fortified’s 24/7 Threat Defense services provide continuous SOC protection, actionable insights, and streamlined threat management. Our holistic, healthcare-focused approach redefines threat defense, saving millions of person-hours and combating alert fatigue.

Regulatory Guidance

Fortified guides health plans through complex HIPAA and data protection regulations, adapting cybersecurity practices to meet evolving requirements. Our expertise ensures compliance, minimizes risk, and enhances overall data security in the challenging regulatory landscape.