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Cyber Made Simple

Fortified’s services are powered by Central Command, a service delivery platform that simplifies the complexity of managing a healthcare cybersecurity program.

Manage cyber differently

Unified Dashboard

Manage your Enterprise Cyber-risk Management & Threat Defense services in one location for a holistic, real-time view.

Comparative Analytics​

Benchmark your performance and risk profile to Fortified’s client ecosystem for improved insight into your resilience and cyber maturity.

Risk Register​

Manage and store your risk documentation all in one place. Auto-populate features and add new risks to be tracked centrally.

Customized Communications​

Configure your Alerts and prioritize them based on user role.

Live Chat

Access 24/7 live chat with Fortified’s Threat Defense team.

Mobile Convenience

Use the mobile app for 24/7 access & notifications to make managing your work and personal life easier.

Cybersecurity can be complicated; it doesn’t have to be hard

Central Command consolidates your cybersecurity services and tools in one service delivery platform, making it easier for you to address risks, monitor threats, quickly respond to incidents, and work more efficiently.

Experience the Difference

Fortified Health Security

  • Advisory Services integrated in platform
  • Risk Assessments including progress against CAP
  • Full capability Risk Register
  • Industry news
  • Comparative Analytics
  • Full scale Threat Defense integration

Other MSSPs

  • No Advisory Services, Only SOC services
  • No Risk Assessments
  • No / partial risk register
  • No Industry News
  • Comparative Analytics with only some Advisory
The Fortified Central Command platform delivers on the ‘single pane of glass’ promise by integrating all of my Fortified services (VTM, MDR, SIEM, Risk Assessment, etc.) into one efficient tool. The ability to get real-time insight, analysis, and solutions in one place is critical to our ability to take immediate action, mitigate risk, and protect our patients.
Robert C. Swaskoski, Chief Information Security Officer

A Better Way to Manage Your
Advisory Services

  • Manage Risk Assessment project timelines and reporting
  • Organize and archive historical assessments
  • Track your program cyber maturity and progress
  • Store policies & procedures, Business Continuity Plans, and more
  • View Risk Register by status & category
  • View third-party risk*

* When manually entered into Risk Register

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Accurate, Immediate, Actionable Insights

  • Manage multiple SOC services in one console
  • Reduce distractions
  • Prioritize your threats
  • Configure your alerts to accelerate threat responses
  • Chat with cybersecurity experts 24/7
  • Gain simultaneous visibility into your threats
  • Save time
  • Minimize employee burnout from inefficient management of multiple consoles
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A game-changing way to manage your cybersecurity program.