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Minimizing Healthcare Cybersecurity Risk, Maximizing Partnership

Fortified is built for healthcare, offering tailored solutions to help you address your unique challenges, navigate the ever-changing legislative landscape, and working alongside you to create a stronger cybersecurity posture. Now more than ever, you need a partner—you need Fortified.


Award-winning healthcare cybersecurity for your Advisory Services and Threat Defense


You deserve solutions and services that are purpose-built for your healthcare organization. And as a highly awarded MSSP for healthcare, we don’t just know what needs to be done, we know how to deliver the unique collaboration and expertise required to support and defend your sensitive environment.


One size does not fit all. This is why we leverage your existing technology and processes to build sustainable, integrated solutions, as we support your path to cyber maturity. And while we help you mitigate risks, ultimately it’s our dedicated partnership approach that will have us by your side for the long haul.


We foster collaboration among our clients, creating a dynamic ecosystem for mutual support, knowledge sharing, and problem solving. Our goal is to forge enduring partnerships that propel the industry forward. Likewise, we nurture a culture of strong communication and accessibility — our clients know we’re available at every level of the company to address challenges whenever and wherever they arise.

Central Command – Cyber Made Simple

Central Command sets Fortified apart. It’s not just a platform, it’s how we deliver our services. By giving you a comprehensive view of your organization’s entire cybersecurity program in one place, your team is better equipped to identify and track risks, actively monitor threats, and respond quickly and effectively to incidents.

No logins to multiple consoles, no fragmented threat management, less wasted time.

Why Fortified_Unified Dashboard

Raising the bar for managed healthcare cybersecurity services

Real Results

Minimize false positives and decrease alert fatigue. Reduce MTTA to mere minutes. Customize alerts and escalations. Fortified delivers all this and more.

Better Visibility

Aggregate and manage your services in one platform, view your risk profile, benchmark your risk against the ecosystem, and access your documents, all in one place.

Strategic Focus

Take a deliberate approach to building a clear roadmap that measurably improves your security posture while ensuring compliance with cybersecurity requirements.

Optimizing Human Capital

Gain a strategic leader, multiply the efficiency of your work force, or secure needed expertise for an important project. We’ve got you covered.


Discover the Fortified Difference

“The firm is working every day to keep us whole, and that is a constant battle. When there is some type of major breach, they are on it. When there is a major vulnerability, they are on it. If they don’t have the information and I send them something, they are on it. They are just so responsive and attentive. They understand the risks and the urgency. They really function like a part of my team.”

CISO, November 2023

“Fortified Health Security is very well versed in their area of expertise. I don’t stump them a whole lot. I don’t bring anything to the table that they aren’t familiar with or haven’t seen. That isn’t the case with a lot of our other firms. Fortified Health Security also anticipates my needs. I am working with them now on a project, and they are anticipating what we need. They are thinking ahead. That is the difference between a firm and a real partner. A real partner has accountability on their side and wants to meet us halfway. With a lot of other firms, we pay them, and they just do the minimum of their scope of work; they don’t think outside the box unless they can sell us something else. That is not Fortified Health Security’s model. Not every engagement is a sales opportunity. Every engagement is an opportunity to make us better. The firm’s goal is really to make us better”

CISO, June 2024

“I wouldn’t go to anybody but Fortified Health Security for managed services. I probably wouldn’t even shop around. When we have a good relationship with a firm and are confident in them, then I don’t know why we would go anywhere else. We worked with a number of different companies before Fortified Health Security, and all of them were disappointing. Some of them were major national players or international players. There was no comparison at all. What sets Fortified Health Security apart is their focus on healthcare. With that limitation of scope, they don’t have to worry about manufacturing IoMT. They only have to worry about healthcare IoMT. That really does make a difference. Fortified Health Security’s understanding and appreciation of the healthcare industry goes much deeper than other firms we considered. The consultants from Fortified Health Security are great thought leaders. They are always thinking ahead.”

CISO, June 2024

Personalizing your cybersecurity journey

With our nationwide presence and end-to-end portfolio of healthcare cybersecurity services, we can meet you where you are in your cybersecurity journey and take you where you need to go.