Evolving the Cybersecurity Landscape

Fortified Health Security's CEO talking through evolving cybersecurity

At Fortified Health Security, we know that there are multiple factors that our industry must pay attention to as we look towards building robust cybersecurity programs.

One of the most pressing factors is the rapid digitization of healthcare that was happening before the pandemic and is happening at a faster pace now that COVID0-19 has changed the way healthcare is delivered. This has enabled better, more effective patient care through the continued adoption of telehealth and other virtual care platforms. However, with these new technologies, comes an increased attack surface and more potential access to sensitive patient information. The cybersecurity threat landscape is evolving daily, with new threats and new adversaries which is why it is paramount that we stay not only on top of, but in front of these types of attacks.

Fortunately, security tech that is available at our fingertips has become sophisticated and strong at defending attacks. However, in order to execute and deliver, technology must be deployed, managed and monitored effectively. Watch the following video and hear from our CEO, Dan L. Dodson as he discusses how Fortified Health Security is changing the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.