405(d) is not just another generic framework or regulation. It can be a powerful resource and tool for your healthcare organization. This special on-demand 405(d) briefing will serve as an excellent start to your journey, or help you accelerate your efforts by putting you in direct contact with senior leaders assisting others like you.

Learning Objectives:

  • Healthcare focused update on frameworks, regulations, and best practices
  • What is 405(d) from guest speaker, Erik Decker
  • Why 405(d) makes sense for healthcare
  • Integration of 405(d) into healthcare security programs
  • The future of 405(d) and healthcare cybersecurity

About the presenters

Erik Decker
Assistant Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer
Intermountain Healthcare

Before entering his role at Intermountain Healthcare, Erik was the Chief Security and Privacy Officer for the University of Chicago Medicine, where he was responsible for its Cybersecurity, Identity and Access Management and Privacy Program. Erik has over 25 years of experience within Information Technology, primarily focused on Information Security. The majority of his career has been focused on Academic Medical Centers, where he established two information security programs and an identity and access management program.

He is currently Co-Leading a Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) task group of more than 250 industry and government experts across the country for implementing the Cybersecurity Act of 2015, 405D legislation within the Healthcare sector. The publication was released in December 2018, titled “Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices: Managing Threats and Protecting Patients” aka HICP, which establishes a national healthcare cybersecurity standard for small, medium and large sized healthcare organizations. Additionally, he led the development of the Health Industry Cybersecurity Tactical Crisis Response guide (HIC-TCR) under the same working group. He is also a member of the Executive Council of the Healthcare Sector Coordinating Council’s Joint Cybersecurity Work, which is a public-private workgroup formed under the National Infrastructure Protection Plan.


Russell Teague
Chief Information Security Officer
Fortified Health Security

Russell’s twenty years in Information Security spans Healthcare, Pharma, Financial, and Technology sectors. A U.S. Army Intelligence veteran and former CSO/CTO at leading cybersecurity firms, Russell’s contributed his expertise to the White House’s National Cybersecurity Healthcare Strategy and has been a prominent voice at major industry events, including Blackhat, HIMSS, and Health Connect Partners (HCP).