When it comes to improving cybersecurity within your healthcare organization, the struggle can be real, especially considering human error often paves the way for many security breaches. Fortunately, there are proven tips and best practices that blend creativity with methodical measurement to help you build the cybersecurity culture you want and need.

On this on-demand webinar, industry expert, Don Kelly, Manager and vCISO at Fortified Health Security, will share real-world advice from his experience helping healthcare organizations cultivate and maintain a strong, cyber aware culture.

You will learn:

  • How to evaluate, measure and improve your cybersecurity culture
  • Why being a storyteller can strengthen your culture of cybersecurity
  • Creative ways to get people involved across the organization

About the presenter

Don Kelly
Manager, VISP & vCISO

Don has over 15 years of experience in healthcare information security, security awareness, and communications. His extensive healthcare-specific experience includes developing and directing cybersecurity awareness and training programs, security strategic planning, incident response programs, risk analysis, and business impact assessments. He currently holds the GISP, GSTRT, GCCC, and CISSP certifications.